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Aloe pluridens (w1028)

Skirt and no branches.

Width: 44 cms Height: 110 cms Pot diameter: 30 cms

Shippable only within Auckland



Aloe pluridens (w2171)

This very old plant has a main trunk plus 12 major branches ascending parallel to it.

Width: 80 cms Height: 240 cms Pot diameter: 70 cms

Pickup only



Aloe pluridens (w2197)

The pic/s tell the story.

Width: 36 cms Height: 77 cms Pot diameter: 20 cms

Shippable only within Auckland



Leaves are pliant and not as fierce as they might look.
Sometimes the trunk throws up many vertical branches......
... and sometimes it doesn't.
Tough plant, Auckland garden, the trunk behind is 40 years old.