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Periodically we load up the Cactus Truck and hit the road, selling plants from the truck and at events (shows etc). We wholesale into garden centres, and deliver door-to-door the larger plants that cannot be shipped safely by courier. We carry a big load and (apart from the pre-orders) they are available to buy straight from the truck.

Retailers who would like us to call in should make contact. Also, collectors, especially if you can organise a few friends to join the party, arrange with us for a visit to your place.

Our most regular route is from Auckland to Wellington, (often via Hawkes Bay and Wairarapa), we do this route about 4 times per summer.

So, if you want to see us, or want a safe delivery of large plants then discuss by email to We will charge for delivery but less than courier cost and we pack with skill and care.
Note: Once confirmed with us then plants in our website Shop with a shipping status of "Auckland only" become an option for delivery to you.

P.S. We also move collections of fragile things with great skill and our truck is set up for this with a shelving system, tie rails, tail-lifter etc. Talk to us about your requirements.