Next open: October 21st Friday 10 - 4pm
October 22nd Saturday 10 - 4pm
Here are some of the species we will have (but many are in small quantities only at this stage): Aloe vera (the true vera), Crassula perforata, Kalanchoe pumila, Sempervivum tectorum calcarea. And we still have: Aloe plicatilis, Aloe polyphylla, Consolea rubescens, Cotyledon ladismithensis (green), Crassula 'Fawlty Towers', Crassula 'Moonglow', Dioscorea elephantipes, Echeveria elegans, Echeveria 'Hot Chocolate', Echeveria imbricata, Echeveria minima, Euphorbia superans, Haworthia 'Emerald Cream', Haworthia nigra, Haworthia truncata, Haworthia truncata x magnifica, Mestoklema tuberosum, Pachypodium bispinosum, Rebutia muscula, Sedum burrito, Sedum hernandezii, Sedum morganianum, Sedum nussbaumerianum, Senecio rowleyanus, Senecio rowleyanus Variegated, Sinningia leucotricha, Tacitus bellus, Trichodiadema bulbosum, Trichodiadema densum.

Selling fine succulents (including cacti) since 1982.


Note that our website's Shop section is completely destocked while we downsize and relocate. And NO SHIPPING until at least October 2016, sorry!! Currently selling to pickup customers only, not mailorder, except for some Trade Me auctions.

No lists available, too time-consuming. The Library here is a (partial) list of plants that we have grown in the past, some of which we still grow. Come to the nursery for the current selection.
We are not shipping orders while we are relocating as it is too time-consuming. Nor do we have sufficient stock to supply at wholesale rates.
Coromandel Cacti was started in 1982 by Martin Walker at Sandy Bay, Port Charles near the top of the Coromandel Peninsula. He moved the nursery in 1996 to Mt Wellington, Auckland. Eventually 4000 sq metres of greenhouses were filled, plus large outdoor areas. NZ has never had such a range of succulents available. Downsized in 2010 for a major Transpower project through the nursery property, but still open to the public and also selling plants and accessories online.