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From Tuesday 23rd November 2021 we are open mornings, 7 days, by appointment. You can browse plants and buy potting mix. Between 1100 and 1230 is best, and we may need to limit numbers per day. Masks compulsory, and observe 2m distancing please.
For just Potting Mix or Trade Me winnings (no browsing) you can arrange a time for pickup 0900 to 2100 hours, 7 days.

Intermittently we have items on Trade Me, under desertmaniacs.
Click the link to see current listings.

Use email to, not Facebook, thanks! Text for very short answers, but email for proper answers.
Please read this entire page before telling me everything you like seems to be out of stock.

Mail order is no longer offered. NO SHIPPING except Trade Me. We do not have stock to supply at wholesale rates. No lists.

(Our opening hours are intermittent so we can focus more on production. Sorry about that.)

Selling fine succulents (including cacti) since 1982.


This website's Shop section is completely destocked, too time-consuming. Email requests to NO SHIPPING except Trade Me and special (profitable) orders.

No lists available, too time-consuming. The Library here is a (partial) list of plants that we have grown in the past, some of which we still grow. Come to the nursery for the current selection.

Coromandel Cacti was started in 1982 by Martin Walker at Sandy Bay, Port Charles near the top of the Coromandel Peninsula. He moved the nursery in 1996 to Mt Wellington, Auckland. Eventually 4000 sq metres of greenhouses were filled, plus large outdoor areas. NZ has never had such a range of succulents available. Downsized in 2010 for a major Transpower project through the nursery property. Rebuilt the half we were allowed to retain then a policy shift regarding no buildings on Transpower land meant we had to demolish them too! Still open to the public intermittently at 170 Mt Wellington Highway, where I continue as the Black Knight of Cac & Succ (refer the Monty Python sketch for the meaning).