Coromandel Cacti

Coromandel Cacti

——Our nursery is in Mt Wellington now 
Welcome to enjoy our cacti and succulents, from our nursery we began in 1982. Huge range of cacti and succulents for collectors, landscapers, and everybody. Retail and Trade. Read more

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Latest News

23st April, 2013
New nursery hours announced

Coromandel Cacti, 170Mt Wellington Highway under the pylons

Martin Walker
09 5274052
027 2874287
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Nursery Hours & Events

Our normal hours
Tues - Fri 9 - 5pm
Sat 9 - 4pm
Sun & Mon: Closed

Anzac Day Closed

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Periodically we load up the Cactus Truck and hit the road, selling plants at events (shows etc), wholesaling into garden centres, and delivering door-to-door the larger plants that cannot safely be shipped by courier. We carry lots and lots of plants and apart from the pre-orders they are available to everyone to buy straight from the truck.

Retailers who would like us to call in should make contact. Also, collectors, especially if you can organise a few friends to join the party, arrange with us for a visit to your place.

Our most regular route is from Auckland to Wellington (May 2012 to April 2013 we did this route 4 times, and Napier/Wanganui once).

We intend going to Wellington again by Spring (Oct 2013) and Northland late 2013. If you want safe delivery of large plants then discuss by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will charge for delivery but less than a courier would cost and we pack with skill and care. Once confirmed then plants in our website Shop with a shipping status of "Auckland only" become an option.

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